Et rien n'est plus belle que la nature.

We fall in love with that which we project on each other
Then settle for reality or just reject one another
So I respect the motherfucker that reflects upon their lover
And then lets them walk away or resurrects and recovers
Way more than I respect those that just close up the shutters
And ignore the shitty shell within which both of them suffers

Let us die, Let us die
Then dying we reply,
oh dont you tell us 
about your suffering,
now look in our eyes-
look in our eyes.
Let us be, Let us be
Our closeness is such that
where ever she rests her head
in the softness underneath,
She’ll feel me and you’ll 
feel me

My one heart felt too much from the start.

This is my Year 6 Picasso/Matisse mural project. Kids be talented yo.